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The journey begins with a "Finder"

The Finder is a complete analysis where we examine your business. Based on the result, we estimate the facility's revenue potential, with an expected increase between 10 and 20 percent. We then give you concrete goals to reach the potential.

MiWell provides Finders for different areas such as hotels, conferences, restaurants. To get a fair picture, we look at the business both from an internal as well as an external view. We analyze booking history, booking dialogue, web & OTA presence, as well as Benchmarking data, segments, conversion, occupancy rates, competitive position and employee interviews. We then break the data down into different seasons to identify guests' behaviors given specific conditions. Based on this behavioral analysis, we estimate your revenue potential.

Here we set strategies for reaching the Finder's goals. A joint plan for the necessary change.

We sell change

If your stuck in a rut and want to get out, you need to make a change and change is the key to moving forward

Same work gives the same result, if you want new results you have to change your way of working

We believe in systems – but the systems themselves cannot achieve the necessary change


Based on your needs, depending on the facility and organization we adapt our services in size, shape and time.

1. Strategy

Here we set strategies for reaching the Finder's goals. A joint plan for the necessary change.

2. Implementor

With the strategy as foundation, we focus on configuration, structuring and management of systems and routines.

3. Activator

Our staffing service manages the ongoing work as to free up your internal capacity.


We are constantly monitoring the direction of development. Analyzes and reports are produced on a weekly, monthly and semi-annually basis and can be provided in three different sizes, depending on your needs.

MiWell also offers

FEASIBILITY – we do feasibility studies prior to start-up, acquisition and conversion. We analyze developments over the last 3–5 years and make an assessment for the next three. The result shows market development and key figures.

START-UP – we assist you with the launch of your new business. The processes is the same as above but adapted to your needs and what it entails to start from the beginning.